The Story Behind... Lavender Sound


I would’ve never written Lavender Sound if it weren’t for a no-good, very bad day and the loving response of my extremely sweet mom. 

I was feeling stressed and stuck watching experiences with life and relationships repeat so I turned to a bit of talk therapy with my mom (who is also named Louise- she just goes by Lou). She cleverly asked me, “What do you need?” To which I answered, “I wish I could just build a fort and watch movies and be a kid again.” 

She had one of her glowingly simple but wise moments and replied, “So, let’s do it.” (She had the same response when I said I wanted to go to Berklee Music School for a summer). We grabbed chairs, blankets, and pillows. Now, bare in mind I was about 20 years old…But my mom still, without question, helped me map out the perfect place to build this fortress of solitude and comfort. I put on A Walk in the Clouds and she gave me one of those hugs that only a mom could as I settled in for the night. 

Yes, I totally slept in my fort. 

But when the movie was over…I felt that familiar itch. I picked up my guitar (my songwriting book was right on top of my case, at the ready for when inspiration moments would strike.) The beginning chords were what the movie felt like to me. I felt like they were floating, dreamy, and nostalgic. 

Nostalgic…that was the word.

As I wrote out what the past with this person FELT like to me, I realized I was making peace with more than just those experiences but the woman I was becoming because of them. It made me realize that it was worth the heartache. Hence the line, “Learning of me was heaven sent.” The lessons were a true blessing. 

I did eventually go to sleep and when I woke up I played my new song for both of my parents. It is still to date one of the best reactions I’ve ever gotten from anyone after writing a song.

I credit it all to my pillow fort and the magic of being a child even if you’re 20!!! :)


LW <3 

Louise Warren