Louise Warren continues to win the Cal Ripkin award for singer-songwriters. She’s hard-working, very talented, and on of the nicest people.”
— Roger Riddle, Macon Telegraph

Louise Warren is a talented singer and songwriter from Macon, Georgia. Her sound is very personal and direct, tipping the hat off to retro pop melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Louise channels the freedom and poetry of the best music, ranging from the 60s to the 90s and beyond - From The Kinks to The Beatles, down to Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, and many others! Her sound has a very intimate and charming tone. However, she is also able to ignite her songs with the spark of catchy melodies and iconic wordplay!

Recently, she released a full-length debut album titled “Lavender Sound,” which will be followed next year by a new EP, “Surrender.” The EP is the artist’s prize for earning the first place at a music competition known as “Music 4 Macy,” which raises money for the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation.

 Surrender (Ep) -Released 2019

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Lavender Sound (LP) - Released 2017


Live Performances

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