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Interview: Louise Warren

We caught up with singer/songwriter Louise Warren to talk about her inspirations and taking ownership of her dreams. This Georgian peach has recently released her debut album Lavender Sound and today is releasing a lyric video for her song "In The Dark", check out the video below her interview!

When did you first know you wanted to be a musician? 

It was definitely before I started elementary school. My mom loves to tell people this story about when I was 3 or 4 and she apparently wanted me to clean up. I was swinging my legs off the side of a chest of drawers and singing for everyone. My response to her was something along the lines of “music is my life”. I don’t know what the true goal was in that specific moment (probably to avoid chores), but I knew early on that it was my favorite thing to do - especially when I started songwriting. 

Who are artists that have inspired your music most?

I’m very melody centered. It’s the first thing I’m drawn to. I grew up listening to a lot of music that my parents grew up with -The Supremes, The Beach Boys, and Elvis. I soaked up every single album by The Beatles. 

As a teenager, Arctic Monkeys and Fiona Apple really changed my world because their lyrics are just pure poetry. 

How does your debut album Lavender Sound reflect who you are both as a person and an artist?

The entire concept of Lavender Sound is about taking the moments that could potentially break you and using those pieces to form a beautiful mosaic. The moment I declared that idea about the album, an entire sequence of events took place in my experience to make it so. The past 7 years have been a lot of intense growth for me.  I lost people I loved and had so many false startups to this project that I was fearful that it would never happen. 

As an artist, it meant declaring my commitment over and over to this album and taking ownership of my dreams. I was never going to quit trying to create it, even if I was 90 years old! Though, I’m grateful it happened now! 

Lavender Sound is my coming-of-age story but more than that it was learning how to claim my worth. Whether I realized it or not, I was creating who I wanted to be alongside the music. That inner work is at the core of this project. 

The lyric video for “In The Dark” is being released Friday, October 13th. What does this song mean to you?

In the Dark is about accepting that we cannot know what is coming next - in our relationships or in our lives. I’ve always considered what it would be like if we knew the future before it happened. When I was in my early twenties, it seemed like an appealing concept to me because there was a lot of uncertainty in my life, especially in love. But I came to the conclusion, through writing this song, that even with the potential for heartache and loss, I’d rather not know. The suspense is hard. Even now, I look up spoilers for Game of Thrones because I struggle with cliffhangers! But truthfully, we would make different choices if we knew the ending and then the ending might change and what we learned from it might change. It makes it increasingly important to cherish the journey - even if it means sitting with the hard stuff. 

What’s your most proud accomplishment from this year?

Finally releasing this album!  It has been a lifelong dream of mine - something I’ve excitedly planned for since I was a kid. I’d study liner notes and cover art and dreamed about what my first one would look like. 

The experience truly went above and beyond my imagination. Sean Williams (Egil Studios) worked tirelessly on every track to get it where I wanted it and the art that Casie Trace drew for the cover reflected the dreaminess of it. My childhood self is literally doing backflips right now. 

What goals do you still have for the rest of the year?

I have a few shows in Atlanta and Macon closing out the end of this year then I’m laying low until after the holidays. I love wrapping up every year volunteering at the Children’s Hospital (in Macon) singing with Songs For Kids. 

There may also be another record very much in the works! I’m a recording addict now!