Dear Lovely You...

Dear Lovely You,

You may have noticed that I’ve been executing a lot of change lately.

I used to crave change in my life like chocolate. Then, all of a sudden it got a bit too heavy for me - just like childhood sweets. It was winter. My heart was broken. Change had decided to be cruel.

So I shut myself off to it. I started playing it safe. I started holding in my music.

It took creating + releasing “Lavender Sound” + “Surrender” to even feel like myself again.

Its been a 3 year process. Which, is good. 3 is my lucky number after all. And I feel the wind whispering to me once again, “It’s time.”

It’s time for change + I to see eye to eye again. It’s time for us to make up.

I write this from a new town - wise, old Savannah. I write this from a new head space, with new sounds that I’m humming along to.

I write this from a new beginning.