This Could Be Love 

Written by Louise Warren


Tell me baby, are you thinking of someone I know?

Someone you happen to see, the same time as me

For sure, we can let this go wild


Cause I’m not the type of girl to judge 

Open your heart, I’ll put in a little love 

We all need a gentle touch 



With the right timing, this could be love 

Give it the right mind, this could be love 

Put in the right heart

oh this could be love, this could be love


With the right song, this could be love 

If we dance all night long, this could be love

If don’t feel wrong

Oh this could be love, this could be love


I’ll take a lesson from the French

Look good in a red trench 

Sans makeup, Sans games

Letting my heart flow as natural as rain 


Pull out a pen and right down what I feel 

As far as we know, this could be real 

Take a chance

Hold hands

Give your heart permission to romance. 


Repeat Chorus 



I’m not assuming anything 

Don’t wanna play teenage games

I’ll give you your space and you can give me mine 

And if chances aren’t in my favor

I know we’ll part as friendly neighbors

I’ll still be on your side

Can you hear me fate?

Can you hear me fate?


Repeat Chorus