“Headed To Nashville”

IMG_7503Nashville!!! I remember my very first trip to this beautiful city…

It was New Years Eve 2013. I traveled with two friends of mine who were there to see their close friends. I was spoiled with coffee trips, sight seeing at the Parthenon, and my first steps in front of the Bluebird Cafe. Because of the time difference, I spent an extra hour in 2012. It had been a very difficult year for me- a lot of ups and downs and a label deal that just didn’t work out. I felt disappointment but inspiration to be surrounded by friendly and passionate Nashvillians!

Fast forward to THIS WEEK, and this city has impressed me once more.

I was lucky enough to accompany one of my best friends on her own Nashville exploration/Birthday celebration! We both felt this town’s vibrancy…A mind-blowing fact I heard from a local: About 80 people move to Nashville A DAY!? Just as a visitor, I can see what they see in this town.

It seems every person I talked to had a talent or gift in music. They moved there with intent and love. OH…and did I MENTION the coffee!? Pinewood Social, Bourbon vanilla…that is all…


To me, the best part of any road trip are the friends! I am SO lucky to be surrounded by people who love silliness, deep conversations, and letting me sing to them in hotel rooms.

Perhaps my favorite place that we visited was Lake Radner…A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let this meditative view do the talking…


I’m already planning a return visit. But if I were, where do you want to see me play? What should be my next sight seeing spot? Let me know over here: CLICK ME!!!

See you Nashvillians soon!

Louise <3